Wyoming Unit 1 Elk Topo Hunting Map


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Wyoming Unit 1 Elk Hunting Topo Map with Printed Boundaries

Hunters Domain has Wyoming Unit 1 Elk hunt area maps that are 1:100,000-scale maps using Bureau of Land Management land status base maps.

Our UNIT 1 Elk maps include:

Elk public land ownership boundaries
Topographical contour lines
1:100,000 scale for easy viewing
Roads printed
Key terrain features to help you plan your hunt or trip
Hunt area or game management unit 1 (GMU 1) boundary is overlaid on the BLM base map
Easy planning for your upcoming big game hunt by defining roads and routes into the preferred area
Custom maps for Unit 1 are also available (See it all on one map):

TOPO maps only where you easily define borders or edges of maps with our online program
Hybrid maps: a unique and detailed aerial photo combined with a USGS topographical maps (user-defined boundaries)

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The actual boundary description/definitions printed below from Wyoming Game and Fish hunting regulations brochure could have errors or been amended by the state so always check in their most current printed regulations or the Wyoming Game and Fish website to verify these boundaries before hunting as these are for reference only.

Wyoming Unit 1 Elk

– Unit 1 Topo/Map Wyoming Elk- Game Management Unit (GMU-1).

Game Management Unit (GMU)

BLM Maps:

Reservation Land

US Forest Service Maps:

Reservation land

Wyoming Unit 1 Elk Description

This area is dominated by rolling to steep hills covered by Ponderosa Pine, Bur Oak, Aspen and Paper Birch. There are limited forest openings and open rangelands.  Some areas are dominated by cliffs.

This hunt area is small, and this can result in elk moving off portions of the area when human disturbance increases.  Draw odds for a license are difficult due to the preponderance of public land and decent bull quality.  Some years half or more of the bulls are harvested during the archery season, and the majority of the harvest with rifles occurs outside of the deer general season.