Bafang Ebike Motors

Bafang is the leader in electric motors designed and built for the ebike industry. Bakcou uses these efficient motors for all of their electric hunting bikes. Available in 750W and 1000W versions to give you the power you need for your fat tire bike. Bafang builds a mid drive and a rear hub motor delivering just the right amount of power when you need it. 

Mid drive motors deliver more power and efficiency than rear hub motors. Mid drive motors power the crank vs the wheel increasing efficiency especially uphill. Mid drive motors can leverage the lower gears of the ebike helping control the rpms without bogging down as can happen with a hub drive motor. They are also easier to maintain, you can remove them from the bike with just a few bolts. Also, if you need to remove a tire to fix a flat the mid drive motor does not need any attention. Removing a wheel on a rear hub drive motor is a much more complicated situation.

Bafang Ultra Mid Drive Motor Information

The Bafang Ultra motor takes advantage of the torque sensor to deliver power without a delayed response. In addition, the torque sensor shuts off the assisted power when the rider stops pedaling, allowing for better handling no matter the terrain. The torque sensor also helps with battery efficiency. Mid drive motors allow for better performance climbing hills vs a hub motor. The Bafang Ultra Mid Drive Motor is the best all around choice for powering your electric hunting bike.

  • Thick Cast Aluminum Case
  • Industry Leading Torque Sensor
  • Speed Sensor
  • Cadence Sensor
  • Large Spindle
  • Large Cooling Vents
  • Large Rotor

Bafang Rear Hub Motor

bafang rear hub motor

The Bakcou Flatlander Ebike models feature the Bafang Rear Hub Motor. Just like the Flatlander is designed for flatter terrains that is where the rear hub motor shines as well. 750 watts of power packed into the Bafang High End Rear Hub Motor for the Flatlander and Flatlander ST. Just like the mid drive Bafang motors the Bafang Rear Hub features the full color LCD display on the handle bars. These motors deliver plenty of power and value to help you get the most from your ebike experience. 

Bakcou delivers power and efficiency in design and performance. The Bafang electric motors are a huge part of the quality and performance Bakcou hunting bikes deliver. If you are hunting in the mountains or other hilly or rough terrain the Bafang Ultra Mid Drive motor is the top choice of experienced ebike owners. If most of your hunting is in the flatlands and crop fields of America then the Bafang High End Rear Hub motor is an excellent choice coupled with either Bakcou Flatlander bike model.

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